At "Von den Blauen Bergen" our success is based on the hard work of our dynamic team and a keen eye for world class German Shepherd Dogs and selecting the right puppy for companionship, show, or work...

German Shepherd Puppies:

Our Kennels achievements at the top shows in the US reflect the care we take in planning our breeding program and in selecting our imports.

Only the best will do.....

Whether you are looking for a loyal and beautiful companion or a future show competitor consider owning a puppy from our world class German Shepherd Dog breedings. We can also import your next German Shepherd Dog for you, taking great care in selecting the right dog for your needs straight from Germany.

  • V Belladonna von der Barenschlucht
  • VA Puma von der Orangerie

Top Rated German Shepherds:

Take a look at our accomplishments in the show ring and the superb dogs that make it look easy.

Here are our VA-rated adult German Shepherd Dogs:

  • VA Puma von der Orangerie
  • VA Quana von der Zenteiche
  • VA Xandra von der Zenteiche
  • VA Laola Batu (co-owned with David Pank)
  • VA Ronaldo vom Zellergrund
  • VA Waiko vom Schaumbergerland (co-owned with David Plank)
  • VA Axi Dlha Roven (co-owned with Jerry and Roberta Katz)
  • VA Quincy von der Biberfalle
  • VA Honey vom Finkenschlag (co-owned with Kim Rall)
  • VA Hilary von der Piste Trophe (co-owned with Steve Lucht)
  • VA Raja zum Gigelsfelsen (co-owned with Sharon Grant)