Born - 2 Males & 5 Females

V Kimon vom Emkendorfer Park x V Yola von der Zenteiche

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We are happy to announce the arrival of 7 puppies, (2 males and 5 females) from V Kimon vom Emkendorfer Park and V Yola von der Zenteiche.

V Kimon vom Emkendorfer Park, IPO3, KKL, 'a'1/'a'1, N/N for DM.  Kimon is a World Champion Mentos son.  One of the best placing #50 at the world level.

V Yola von der Zenteiche, IPO2, KKL, 'a'1/'a'1.  Yola has a very interesting pedigree.  It's very similar to her German VA half sister Viola with both parents going back to the dogs that consistently produce VA quality.  Yola was never shown at the world level but she did place in front of the #19 female from the sieger show.  Her mother Amy was top 20 at #17 in the world, her mother Rimini was #6 in the work, her mother Kelly was VA1 here in the US, Kelly's mother Pia was V24, and her mother Jasmin was VA in Germany.  There's 5 generations of top production that continues to this day.

The homework's been done on this litter.  World Champion son with a top 50 placement.  Va Leo daughter from the same family that produced most recently VA Leo and VA Viola.  Both parents hips and elbows are 'a' normal.  Both parents titled not just IPO1, but IPO3 and IPO2.  We're just trying to think what else there would be to consider if you were looking for one of the best bred quality pups in this country.

Please contact us if you are interested in this quality litter here in the US from Imported parents bred to the SV standard.

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Expected Due Date Mid January 2017

VA Willy vom Kuckucksland x VA Raja zum Gigelsfelsen

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Recent Import

German VA5 Raja zum Gigelsfelsen, IPO2, KKL, 'a'1/'a'1

In keeping with our long tradition of introducing only the very best of German bloodlines to the US, vom Haus Jurincie and von den Blauen Bergen are proud and excited to announce the arrival of one of Germany's premier VA females, VA5 Raja zum Gigelsfelsen IPO2, KKL, 'a'1/'a'1.

Raja is a VA Etoo daughter and a direct descendant of the legendary VA Quenn vom Loher Weg through VA Paer vom Hasenborn.  After placing #12 in the world as a youngster, Raja ascended to VA5 in 2015.

While not all VA dogs fulfill the promise of producing great quality in their offspring, Raja has exceeded all expectations producing in her first two litters SG19 Vinia, SG36 Vimo, another exceptional brother Vito and in her second litter, SG26 Aike.

Raja has been bred to VA Willy vom Kuckucksland.  We expect the same exciting results as her first two litters.

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