V Yola von der Zenteiche, IPO2, Kkl 2016-2017

Von den blauen Bergen has added another top female to contribute to the breed in the US. Please welcome Yola von der Zenteiche from one of Germany's most respected kennels.

V Yola von der Zenteiche, IPO2, KKL, 'a'1/'a'1.  Yola has a very interesting pedigree.  It's very similar to her German VA half sister Viola with both parents going back to the dogs that consistently produce VA quality.

Yola was never shown at the world level but she did place in front of the #19 female from the Sieger show.  her mother Amy was top 20 at #17 in the world, her mother Rimini was #6 in the world, her mother Kelly was VA1 here in the US, Kelly's mother Pia was V24, and her mother Jasmin was VA in Germany.  There's 5 generations of top production that continues to this day.

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